Vortex Scope Vs. Primary Arms

Vortex Scope Vs. Primary Arms

November 25, 2020 Christopher 0

The desire to help myself and others get the best 1-8X optic is the fuel behind this comparison. It is important to get high-quality optics if your eye is not that clear. While you might have tried other scopes like the 1-6X of the Vortex PST, such won’t deliver the sort of clarity you desire. This comparison is made with both scopes, without mounting them.

The Primary Arms often features a horizontal and vertical shoulder with rangefinders. Depending on your purpose of buying this tool, you can use it on silhouettes for range finding. You can also use it for 3-guns and use it for detecting objects. It can also be used for scaling as this will make identifying the range you’re shooting from easier. This will prevent you from shooting and focusing on the bullet drop adjustment. 

The range finder is an excellent tool that is carefully designed; it is a near-perfect tool that makes shooting more efficient. While the strike eagle one day is also an excellent option when searching for scope, but the Primary Arms reticles deliver better results. If the prices are related, it is best to go for the Primary Arms. It is highly affordable and relatively efficient and effective.


Accessories for AR-15 – The Do’s and The Don’ts

October 6, 2020 Christopher 0

The first thing I want to talk about is the optic and to make sure I’m gonna frame above. I see a lot of guys who run their optics, and then run their optic clear the hell back here, there’s close to their faces, they can possibly get it even to the point where excuse me you physically cannot fit in iron sight, on your backup iron sight, on your weapon system and two things you want to do here: you want to move this red dot as far away from your face as you could possibly get it, because one the farther away from this your face is the less the actual housing of the red dot is going to take up in your field of view.

I think that’s about it, I hope you got something out of this, I’m not trying to talk down to anybody, I’m just trying to kind of maybe spread some information out there as to why certain people do some stuff and hope everybody can learn something here. Maybe even save you some money. I think you should read this guide from https://www.barrettrifles.com. They wrote a good article about ar-15 rifles and optics.


How to Choose a Holster for Sig P365?

May 5, 2020 Christopher 0

The fact that the Sig P365 is compact makes it pretty easy to conceal. However, choosing the best holster for your Sig P365 is not easy. There are several factors one must take into consideration to find the ideal holsters for a Sig P365. These factors include the following:

IWB Holsters

This is by far the most popular holster choice for the Sig P365 especially if you’re looking for a concealed carry. It is a solid holster method that keeps your gun to the inside of your waistband. This is on the strong hand side.

Alien Gear IWB holsters are the one of the best choice for concealed carry. The holster provides your gun with 100% concealment. It is a popular method but one that reduces quick access to the firearm.

OWB Holster

We also have the OWB holsters which have been the standard for years. The holsters carry the gun on the outside of your waistband. It is a famous method used by cowboys for many years. This method is currently used by law enforcement officers and the military. It is not a common method for citizens as most states have strict rules on firearm concealment. Unless you can wear a long jacket that covers the gun, then this method is not ideal for a concealed carry.

In conclusion, choosing the best Sig P365 holster should not be that difficult if you understand what to consider. You need a holster that offers gun safety, security, and excellent concealment. I would suggest you to check out this post from HolsterAddict for the top 10 concealed carry holsters on the market today!

Night Vision Monocular vs Binocular for Hunting

May 1, 2020 Christopher 0

Binoculars are the most common optical device and one that you’ve probably tried out once.  In simple terms, binoculars are dual tubes with a built-in optic system and magnification power. You can think of binoculars as two mini telescopes. You have to use two eyes giving you a three-dimensional image.

There is little to introduce binoculars since they are widely used in the hunting field. Nowadays, we have night vision binoculars that enhance night vision for hunters. This simply means you get the advantage of spotting animals at a distance at night.

In conclusion, both night vision monoculars and night vision binoculars are great devices for hunting. You can choose any depending on what best works for you. However, monoculars tend to have a slight edge in different categories hence the better choice. You can check out OpticsAddict.com for more details about these kind of optics.

How To Pick The Scope for 308 Rifle

April 10, 2020 Christopher 0

Once picking up the most suitable 308 scopes, there are a lot of choices for you to check. The first thing you should remember is the focal plane. Why? Because the reticle goes along with other structures of the focal plane.  

For some older hunting cases, they are the popular ones. On the other hand,
that reticle is left beneath the magnification alteration. In some ways,
whenever you transform the magnification, the reticle dimension will not

When it comes to the benefits, you will find it simple to set up the target until you can use it easily. Hence, the rear tends to use for a long-range as well as
shooting since most of the reticle does not drive up the goal at all.

The drawback of it is that when you possess trajectory into the structure of reticle, we believe that values are only true with the setting mode around one

How to Mount a Long Range Scope

March 29, 2020 Christopher 0

Long range scopes are very essential for taking long shots. While they don’t come cheap, getting a good one could prove to be worth your money. After getting the best long range scope, the next step is using it.

Before this, you have to mount it. Mounting a long range scope is very technical and should be done with care. You want to mount your scope in a way that would not spoil it and would not give you difficulty while shooting.