Accessories for AR-15 – The Do’s and The Don’ts

October 6, 2020 Christopher 0

The first thing I want to talk about is the optic and to make sure I’m gonna frame above. I see a lot of guys who run their optics, and then run their optic clear the hell back here, there’s close to their faces, they can possibly get it even to the point where excuse me you physically cannot fit in iron sight, on your backup iron sight, on your weapon system and two things you want to do here: you want to move this red dot as far away from your face as you could possibly get it, because one the farther away from this your face is the less the actual housing of the red dot is going to take up in your field of view.

I think that’s about it, I hope you got something out of this, I’m not trying to talk down to anybody, I’m just trying to kind of maybe spread some information out there as to why certain people do some stuff and hope everybody can learn something here. Maybe even save you some money. I think you should read this guide from They wrote a good article about ar-15 rifles and optics.