Accessories for AR-15 – The Do’s and The Don’ts


We’ve been going to as far as ar-15, owners are concerned and we see a lot of this stuff with new ar-15 owners as well as even some more experienced owners ask to where they’re actually placing the particular gear and modifications on their weapons system like vertical grips optics, iron sights stuff like that. Enemies some more gimmicky stuff that we’ll talk about here and like I said even some more experienced users do this and I think the reason why they do this is no one’s really said to them. why do you run this piece of equipment in this particular place, and I’m here to ask you that why are you doing this, because there may be a better way to do it and eventually down the road there may be even a better way than I’m explaining to this to you ,always be open for change if you’re not moving forward you’re standing still.

The first thing I want to talk about is the optic and to make sure I’m gonna frame above. I see a lot of guys who run their optics, and then run their optic clear the hell back here, there’s close to their faces, they can possibly get it even to the point where excuse me you physically cannot fit in iron sight, on your backup iron sight, on your weapon system and two things you want to do here: you want to move this red dot as far away from your face as you could possibly get it, because one the farther away from this your face is the less the actual housing of the red dot is going to take up in your field of view.

You’re gonna see less of that housing and you’re gonna see more your target, so the closer you move it to your face the more of that housing is gonna skew your field of view and the less of your target. You’re going to see secondly the farther away you move this right now from your face, the easier it is to see your red dot when you move it closer to face. You’re gonna notice that you’re probably looking for that red dot a little bit more when you move it farther away. If you were to move to the end of your rail system you notice that it’s fairly easy to find.

When you get into scopes, scope set of eye relief, you have to run that where it works for you, that’s a completely different topic here so we’re not discussing that so keep that in mind when you guys are talking about red dots, I run mine about as far forward as I can get it on a cantilever mount while still being on the upper receiver, that’s just where I like to run it and I still have room back here for like a 3×9-5 or if I want to run it on your sights we are in sights while we’re talking about that.

Like I said a lot of guys will run, they’re out this is part of the rear to the point where they are, they cannot physically fit a rear backup iron sight on their weapons system and I want you to know that a red dot, this is not the life and blood of the ar-15 rifles, this is a luxury and it’s a luxury that has batteries ninety percent of the time you can get some trigger cons that are fiber optic, but even then those could possibly break.

If you were to drop them but these have batteries, they can break they, can go down your iron sights are very important, don’t run your weapon system to the point where you don’t have iron sights.

I ran this thing without iron sights for about a year and the only reason I did that was because I wanted these backup iron sights and they’re pretty expensive and there was a little bit of a wait for them. So it’s only reason I ran it without, so you should run during sights will also see some guys running the rear iron sights like an inch or two from this position and I honestly don’t know why you do that. You want to run this iron sight to the rear as far as you can get it to increase your sight radius, if you could run this on your buttstock and you could run into your front sight post on your flash hider or on the end of your barrel, you’d want to do that, you want increase that sight radius as far is the greatest distance you can possibly do that.

So run this here is the no way gonna impede your operation. The charging handle itself . I ran the Troy backup iron sights which are a lot wider than this kns rear and I’ve had no problems with them, also I physically could not move this back in you anymore, so I would suggest that you guys try to do that too thirdly vertical grips.

I honestly don’t know why they do that, the only reason I could ever see you running a vertical grip here and it being beneficial is if you are clearing buildings, the only time I was ever taught to grab the magwell of a weapon system is if you’re clearing buildings, because it reduces your actual pivot point, so instead of reaching all the way out here you can reach here and you can get around corners a little bit easier or – we used to grab the magwell and rest our elbow we tuck it in real tight on a set of magazines or on a knife AK and tuck it in.

You take a little bit longer range shots with better better accuracy but we weren’t doing rapid follow-up shots, those were precision shots so keep that in mind to the guys who think they need to run a proper grip in this position.

I submit to you this one how often are you clearing buildings and depending on who you are, that may be more than others and to maybe even if you are clearing buildings. Why can’t you grab your magazine well just like everybody else does. So that’s just something to consider.

You can grab here, this it’s worked for me for six years, I see some guys also will run the rubberized grips with the finger grooves in it around your magazine while I see those as very gimmicky. The only thing I ever see those doing is possibly impeding the function of the magazine wall itself making possibly causing malfunction down the road, with you maybe inserting a magazine or stuff getting in there to the point where something won’t work don’t add a whole bunch of crap to the weapon system. We don’t need to do that if you don’t need it.

Last thing I wanted to talk about was flashlights, I see a lot of new guys running flashlights about in this position like the image belbow.

And same thing on the other side, what you really want to do with this light is you want to push this thing out on your rail system or wherever you’re mounting it as far as you can physically push a board. I’ve been running mine in that position, the reason for that being when this light comes out this light does not come out in a line it comes out in it, it spreads out so the farther you have this mounted back, the more of a shadow you’re gonna create on your weapon system. That means you’re using less light, because that light is hitting your rail or your barrel so that light is not being used and to you’re making your weapon easier to see. You’re making yourself easier to see because you are literally shining light on your weapons system itself.

I don’t want to get too crazy into the don’t use a light because in a combat situation, everybody’s gonna know where you are you’re gonna give be giving your position away. I think there’s a whole bunch of shit .

You are correct in the fact that you are giving your position away when you use a light but when you need a light and you don’t have it, you are basically screwed. It is a flashlight, it has an off and on position just because it’s on your weapon, doesn’t mean that it is on all the time.

It isn’t a game, you don’t run around with this thing on so just because it’s on your weapon system, again it doesn’t mean that it is on literally hundred percent of time you turn it off you turn it off.


Bottom line is run a light target identification is very important, you don’t want to need that light if you’re using your 15 for home defense in the middle of the night and you don’t have it on there and your lights are off.

Target identification is very important, you don’t want to go downstairs and find your seven-month pregnant wife eating cookies out of the cookie jar and you can’t see her, because you don’t have a light and you don’t have proper target identification, so it’s very important around a light.

I think that’s about it, I hope you got something out of this, I’m not trying to talk down to anybody, I’m just trying to kind of maybe spread some information out there as to why certain people do some stuff and hope everybody can learn something here. Maybe even save you some money. I think you should read this guide from They wrote a good article about ar-15 rifles and optics.