The Best M1A Scope Mounts – Updated 2022

The M1A rifle is an upgraded form of the M14 battle rifle that allows marksmen and hunters to make precise and accurate shots. M1A has now become one of the world’s most respected long-range assault rifles. As a powerful, lightweight, and semi-automatic rifle, it can serve a wide range of users.

Mounting scopes on your M1A rifle can prove to be a daunting task for several users. However, matching your rifle’s scope with the best scope mount will go a long way in ensuring shooting success. A reliable scope mount offers rock-solid stability to your rifle.

best m1a scope mount

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Scope Mount

Making the best decision while choosing a scope mount depends on several factors. You’ve learnt about the several features, pros, cons, and specifications of the best scope mount available. Therefore, it is imperative for me to inform you about the crucial factors that will help you choose the best M1A scope mount. Let’s get to it!


The kind of material used in designing a scope mount goes a long way in determining how long it’ll serve you. The best decision is to go for one that is made of sturdy material for ensured durability. Aluminum is a perfect option in this range, offering the scope mount durability and lightweight.


The weights of scope mounts differ, depending on their size and material. However, you don’t want a scope mount that will weigh your rifle down. Such scope mounts can cause fatigue and affect the accuracy of your shot.

Choosing a lightweight scope means that you prioritize accuracy and effectiveness!

Rail System

Beyond weight and material, you need to consider the weight system of the M1A scope mount you want to choose. The best scope mounts are those that cater to both Picatinny and Weaver accessories.

If you’re a fan of hording scopes or other shooting accessories, a scope mount that works with both rail systems is your best pick. Such scope mounts help you with different kinds of shootings, ranging from the red dot to long distance.


You should always consider the cost factor as well; it has a huge influence on your decision. There are numerous affordable M1A scope mounts out there that will serve you well. With such brands, you won’t have to break the bank before getting the best product.

Best M1A Scope Mounts

1. Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount

My first pick is this fantastic Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount. Choosing this rifle was not a mistake because it was designed in the same factory as the Springfield M1A. So, you can’t argue against its functionality.

Springfield Armory has crafted this scope mount to work perfectly on M1A from other manufacturers. Its one-piece construction, and lightweight aluminum build offers this scope mount an incredible level of durability.

It also has 3-point contact for a secure tactical appearance that makes it super dependable. This scope mount is a comprehensive type, supporting both small and large options. It remains in place and stable whenever you’re shooting, and its weight will not weigh you down.

The Springfield Armory M1A scope mount is easy to fit, provided that follow the instructions. The Picatinny style rail that comes with this scope mount will ensure that it serves you for a very long time.

When you’re looking for a solid mount that will offer maximum support and allow accurate shooting, this scope mount is your best pick!


  • Comes with installation guide and mounting hardware for easy installation
  • One-piece construction for durability
  • Lightweight for everyday shooting
  • Good customer support


  • Only fits specific scope rings
  • May require a cheek riser

2. UTG New

This scope mount is another great product with aluminum construction and universal rail. I must mention that this scope mount is highly reliable, durable, and affordable. UTG is a popular company for producing incredible shooting gear, and this scope mount is not an exception.

UTG crafted this scope mount from one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum, making it very solid and durable. It is one of the lightest scope mounts you’ll find on the market, weighing around 5.7 ounces. You won’t get weighed down using this scope mount for your hunting.

This product is highly versatile, being 6 inches long and with a Picatinny-style rail with 15 slots. You can also use this scope mount with weaver rings and rings from many other manufacturers.

Another incredible thing is that the UTG New Gen scope mount is very easy to operate. It allows you to easily zero your scope, thanks to the adjustable side screws. It also comes with locking points and a horizontal bottom guide, which throws its usefulness up a notch.

Stable, adaptable, durable, and reliable, this scope mount is your best bet!


  • Comes with instructions and tools for easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Rock-solid foundation
  • Extra-long rails


  • Not for long-term use

3. Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Lightweight Airborne Scope Mount

There is a wide range of scope mounts out on the market today. However, the Sadlak industries airborne M1A scope mount stands out. It is a unique and robust scope mount that can serve you in several conditions.

This scope mount certainly exudes the iconic legacy of the Sadlak industries. It is a true testament to their high-quality manufacturing processes.

Sadlak Industries M1A Airborne scope mount features solid construction with the chrome-moly steel bar. This material contributes to the lightweight nature of the scope mount.

Its robust construction allows it to withstand any form of recoil. With it being light, you can easily carry it along for your hunting. Despite its amazing weight of 9 ounces, this scope mount remains stable and strong.

When you fit this scope mount, you get three points of contact, which is perfect for shooting on the go. It also comes with a Picatinny rail that is compatible with most scope mount rings. Its see-through channel is designed to work perfectly with the original rifle scope.

The scope mount is also compatible with the weaver rail system, so you have no problem choosing the most suitable scope for your course.


  • Reliable Brookfield design
  • Does not obstruct iron sights
  • Lightweight
  • Rail is Picatinny and Weaver compatible


  • May require technical knowledge to install

4. M1SURPLUS Scope Mount

If you’re a fan of low-profile scope mounts, then the M1SURPLUS scope mount is your best pick. It features a low-profile scope mount rail that’s fit for all Springfield M1A rifles. This scope mount is extremely durable, and it will make a great addition to your M1A rifle.

This scope mount could last you a lifetime. It is manufactured with durable aluminum material, meaning that it cannot be damaged easily.

You must place close attention to your scope mount’s weight so that it won’t weigh you down during use. The M1SURPLUS scope mount is lightweight, greatly enhancing your aim without weighing down your firearm.

This scope mount is most compatible with all Springfield rifles, but it also fits some other types of rifles. It works with most Weaver and Picatinny scope rings, making it even more useful.

M1SURPLUS designed this scope mount with a see-through channel for your rifle’s iron sight. This scope mount will definitely be an incredible addition to your collections!


  • Compatible with most Weaver/Picatinny scope rings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Works for all Springfield M1A rifles


  • Only suitable for Springfield M1A

5. GG&G Scout Scope Mount

The last on this list, and by no means the least, is the GG&G M1A scope mount. This scope mount satisfies your craving for a long-eye magnified scope. It installs easily and perfectly on the upper handguard of a wide range of rifles.

You do not need to carry out any modifications on your rifle to attach this scope mount. It clamps excellently to the barrel, offering optimal stability and incredible accuracy. It has a smooth appearance and low-profile design.

The GG&G scope mount also features well-rounded, smooth edges that ensure that you’re very well protected. It offers you full 7 inches of Picatinny rail, with its overall design providing a smooth integrated appearance.

This fantastic scope mount is also lightweight, ensuring that your rifle doesn’t weigh you down while shooting. It is good for long-range shooting and specifically built for M1A “Scout Squad” and “SOCOM-16.”

GG&G Scout Scope Mount is a reliable product that you should not ignore!


  • Quick and easy installation
  • No modifications required to your rifle
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth integrated appearance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited supply to some countries


Choosing the right scope mount can make all the difference. Ensure that you make use of the information in this article to get yourself the best scope mount.

My top pick for the best M1A scope mount is the Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount. It has all the features of a great scope mount at an affordable price.

It features a wide, strong base for mounting, durable, and reliable, allowing you to use it for a long time. It is also lightweight, ensuring that your accuracy is not affected. This scope mount is worth investing in!

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