The Best Pistol Lights For Your Gun 2022

A reliable pistol light is one of the best additions you can make to your handgun. It provides you with tactical advantages. When you choose the best pistol light, you will identify targets properly while still having accurate shots.

Pistol lights come in handy for people who do a lot of night chasing. Though several people make use of handheld flashlights, a mounted pistol light offers you more benefits. With the best pistol light, you have two free hands for your regular shooting grip. In that way, you can control the pistol light without losing your grip.

Best Pistol Lights

Considerations When Choosing A Pistol Light

It is not enough to learn about the features, specifications, and benefits of the pistol lights. You need to know the things to look out for when buying a pistol light. In this part of the article, I will be discussing the important factors you must consider before to help you choose the best Pistol light. Offer me your utmost attention.

Reason For Buying

You can’t just go searching for a pistol light without having a reason for the purchase. There are many reasons to want a pistol light. If you need it for self-defense, then you might want to go for a model with medium lumens and strobe mode.

Users who need a pistol light for hunting, task-force, or other major tasks will need a bigger and brighter model. This will help you get the right performance for your pistol light.

Brightness And Illumination Area

A high number of lumens does not always mean that you’ll have the brightest pistol light. Do not rush into buying an expensive pistol light because it has the highest number of lumens. A pistol light that comes with a reflector will help concentrate the beam perfectly. You also need to ensure that the illuminated area is perfect for your visibility and the surrounding area.


You want to buy a pistol light that will serve you for a long time. You should, therefore, consider the type of material used in the construction of such a product. Products made with aircraft-grade aluminum material are usually durable and long-lasting.

Size And Weight

Never choose a pistol light that is longer than the barrel of your gun. This can affect the lens of the light and create beam problems. Always choose a pistol light that fits your weapon perfectly. Also, you should consider the weight of the pistol light before buying one. You should choose the lightweight option to prevent extra weight on your firearm.

Best Pistol Lights

1. DefendTek Compact Tactical Gun Flashlight

My first mention in this review is the outstanding DefendTek Compact Tactical Gun Flashlight. This pistol light helps you to remain vigilant even in the dark. This premium handgun rail-mounted LED light helps you to keep your target in view at all times, even in the dark.

You do not want to keep a hand away from your gun to hold a detached flashlight. DefendTek offers you the opportunity to use this excellent pistol light on a wide range of options. It is a perfect fit for subcompact, compact, and full-size pistols. This pistol light also works well with shotguns and rifle accessory rails.

It is impossible to argue against the functionality of this pistol light because its versatility is best-in-class. Two versatile settings come with the DefendTek Compact Tactical Gun Flashlight. These are the steady and strobe settings.

With these settings, you can easily switch between pinpointing your target or disorienting it. Thus, this pistol light is useful for a wide range of shooting events, be it hunting or target shooting. Moreover, it has a compact and lightweight design with a quick-release mount and tactical bezel.

These features make it a perfect tactical light for hunters, security guards, or bodyguards. It comes with aircraft-grade aluminum construction. This pistol light is strong, durable, and dust and water-resistant.

2. Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Weapon Mount Light

The Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Weapon Mount Light is one of the best tactical lights you can get in today’s market. When aiming for a shot in the dark, the beam intensity is always important. This model offers you a 1000-lumen beam, so the intensity is not a problem.

The beam intensity makes this pistol light very versatile. You can use it to search an area, blind n attacker, or aim at your target. The beam pattern on this model is also wide enough to light up pretty large areas.

You can have this pistol light mounted on your handgun without feeling much of a difference. This is due to its lightweight construction of 4.2 ounces. You can also easily attach and detach the light from your weapon, thanks to the rail clap design. This process is often clear and straightforward.

Its durable aircraft aluminum construction makes this pistol light durable. It comes with an anodized finish, making it last even longer. This model comes with a high-power lithium battery to supply the high lumen beams.

I will recommend the Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Weapon Mount Light to a wide range of shooters. It is a pistol light that will serve you at the highest level.

3. MCCC Rail Mount Tactical Gun Flashlight

This model is another pistol light with a classic design that helps it fit most pistols. It also perfectly fits most firearms with Picatinny rail, making it a very useful tactical gun light. Fans of weapons life Beretta 92A1, Springfield armory 9mm, Remington RP9, Ruger P95 find this pistol light very useful.

Its switch mode is very simple to use. You only push the switch on the left side to put it off and push the one on the right side to switch it back on.

The MCCC Rail Mount Tactical Gun Flashlight is super bright. It offers you 500 lumens of beam to light up your target. A clear reflector lens also comes with this pistol light, and it helps to focus the beam for long-distance.

If you’re a fan of ruggedness and durability, then this pistol light is the one for you. It has a lightweight construction with anodized aircraft aluminum alloy body. Its military-grade hard anodizing protection helps it to be waterproof and weatherproof.

MCCC Rail Mount Tactical Gun Flashlight will be a great addition to your already impressive collection.

4. FLAGPOWER Rail Mounted Compact Pistol Light

This is another versatile and super-bright pistol light with a high level of reliability. The FLAGPOWER Rail Mounted Compact Pistol Light excellently fits Polymer Picatinny rails, and Glock sized rails guns. It features a rail grip clamp system that allows for quick attaching and detaching.

The clamp system is secure; you do not have to use any tool or have your hands in front of the muzzle. Two different modes come with this fantastic pistol light. These are the monetary mode and constant mode.

The rotary switch on the left helps you get the momentary mode while that on the right gives you the constant mode. With these modes, you can’t be left exposed. You can constantly and easily switch between modes.

This pistol light comes with the Cree XML2 LED technology that supplies it a beam up to 1200 lumens. It is hard to fight a brighter model among pistol lights within its class. Its TIR optics also helps it to produce a more concentrated beam that offers you optimum lighting.

The FLAGPOWER Rail Mounted Compact Pistol Light comes with machined aluminum sealed construction. You also get a black anodized finish that is shockproof. This pistol light is made to serve you for a long period.

5. Firefly V2 Laser Flashlight

Products from Tacticon are those of the highest quality, and this model is not different. The Firefly V2 Laser Flashlight is one of the most versatile pistol lights you will find in the market today. It comes with a variety of modes which you can easily set it to.

You have the option of the laser mode, flashlight mode, strobe mode, laser and flashlight mode, and laser and strobe mode. Regardless of the modes you choose, you can be sure of absolute quality. It has an adjustable elevation and windage that helps you obtain a zero quickly.

It is a very flexible light that fits a wide range of rifles or handguns, including Winchester, Remington, S&W, Glock, and more. It works excellently with all pistols and rifles with Picatinny or Weaver Rail sections.

The construction of the V2 Laser Flashlight further improves its quality. It comes with a high-quality polymer construction that is waterproof and fog proof. You can be sure of long-lasting use. You can also easily adjust the optics for an accurate zero, thanks to the included Allen wrenches.

Did I mention that it comes with a built-in magnetically rechargeable battery? You don’t have to unmount this pistol light before charging it.

6. Laspur Sub Compact Tactical Pistol Light

The Laspur Sub Compact Tactical Pistol Light is another one of the best pistol lights with high reliability. It comes with a smart switch design that can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users. It has a long press main switch function.

Its compact and sleek design makes it look great on a wide range of firearms. It also easily fits in most universal holsters, so you don’t have a problem carrying it around. Thanks to its fiber-reinforced nylon construction, you have a low profile, lightweight, and durable design.

There are three working light options for this pistol light. They are the 300 lumens (high option), 150 lumens (low option), and strobe. You can choose any one of the options that work best for your shooting.

Laspur Sub Compact Tactical Pistol Light also comes with a built-in battery with magnetic charging. This charging is highly convenient and allows you to keep the light mounted to your gun. The battery indicator keeps you informed of the remaining power available to avoid having the battery going down.

Another great advantage of this pistol light is that it can fit several pistols and rifles with Picatinny mount. Also, vibration does not affect its attachment. You should try out this model!

7. Ozark Armament Tactical Pistol Light

Ozark Armament offers you a budget-friendly pistol light with increased usefulness. I’ve found this 500-lumen pistol light quite dependable. It is highly performing, brighter, and has a better-focused beam than most pistol light in its class.

The Ozark Armament Tactical Pistol Light comes with an easy to use control. It has just a single button on its left-hand side that helps you to easily turn it on or off. You can choose to use the strobe or constant mode on this pistol light.

The steady constant mode helps you to light the way for a clearer view of your target. The strobe mode, on the other hand, helps you disorient an attacker. You can operate either of the modes with the reachable side switch.

It fits perfectly and easily on full-size pistol rails with a Picatinny clamp mount. This makes it highly flexible, and you can use it on several handguns. The Ozark Armament Tactical Pistol Light is one to get for your weapon.

8. EZshoot Tactical Flashlight

This tactical flashlight is a durable and lightweight option for your firearm. It provides you with 250 lumens of vibrant white light. The light is bright enough to cover a range of up to 100 meters, which makes it useful in searching an alley.

It also comes with two modes, which are steady on mode and defensive strobe mode. You can independently operate these modes with their separate button switch. Thus, you won’t find it difficult to switch between modes.

The strobe mode produces extremely bright, blinding flashes. These flashes could make your target or attacker dizzy, giving you an advantage over them.

The EZshoot Tactical Flashlight comes with a rail clip that rapidly attaches to or detaches from a pistol. You can use its mount for most pistols with Weaver and Picatinny rails. This makes the EZshoot flashlight very versatile and flexible.

It is also a rugged option, thanks to its anodized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body. Its construction also comes with a shock-mounted glass lens with a waterproof design. Equipped with a large-capacity battery that will offer sustainable operation for up to 3 hours.

9. SyndeRay Tactical Gun Flashlight

The final mention in my review of the best pistol lights is the exquisite SyndeRay Tactical Gun Flashlight. It is another compact and lightweight option for making this list. Its design makes it easy for this pistol light to fit many guns, fitting most universal holsters.

Since you can carry it around, it is a perfect choice for your daily shooting practices and camping activities. You do not have to worry about its spoilage because it comes with rugged construction. It is made with anodized aviation aluminum alloy with a weatherproof body design.

That’s not all. You can choose between two different switch modes with this pistol light. The high mode helps you to view your target clearly in the dark. The strobe mode, on the other hand, will help to disorient your attacker, if any.

It produces a super bright 230-lumen beam for a lighting distance of about 100m. It is perfect for compact and full-size pistols. It also comes with a quick detach mount that fits both Weaver and Picatinny rails. Hence, you can employ it on your rifles and shotguns with rail systems.

The SyndeRay Tactical Gun Flashlight is one of the most reliable pistol lights you’ll find. You should try it out!


Now that you have all the important information needed to choose the best pistol light. A great pistol light will help you see your target clearly in the dark. Ensure that you make use of this review to make the best choice for yourself.

My top pick for the best pistol light is the Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Weapon Mount Light. It comes with a strong aluminum construction that makes it durable and last longer.

It is resistant to impact and can fit a wide range of weapons. Its 1000-lumen beam offers super bright light that makes it more useful. It is a pistol light that will serve you well. You should check it out.

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