Best Scopes For AR-10: A Comprehensive Guide 2022

When it comes to AR-10 rifles, there are a lot of scopes out there. If you want to improve your long range shooting game, you need the best scope for AR-10. Some may be better than others for various reasons.

We want to make sure we can help you find the best scope for your needs and budget. This post will overview what makes a good scope and what you should be looking for when purchasing a rifle scope. Then, we will go over some of the top scopes that will work well for an AR-10 rifle.

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Buying Guide For AR-10 Scopes

AR-10 rifles are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason, they’re a great rifle that can be used in just about any situation imaginable. Whether you’re looking to plink cans off the fence with your .22LR or hunt coyotes across the desert plains, an AR-10 will get the job done!

The AR-10 long range rifle is among the most powerful on the market. It is more precise and powerful than the AR-15.

It is so powerful; even the military has a modified version for American snipers. Without a sight scope, it can easily reach 200 yards. However, with the AR-10 scope, it can hit targets at 1000 yards or more. However, you’ll prefer the best AR-15 scope if you shoot close range

Sighting systems are an essential consideration when moving from the AR-15 rifle to the AR-10 rifle. The AR-10 rifle is more prominent and requires larger cartridges to make the most of its long platform design. Therefore, it is crucial to upgrade and increase the size of the sighting system to ensure the best results. 

Note that the 308 Winchester is the king of cartridge selection for the AR-10. You should also know that a supersonic bullet with a range of 800 yards will have some shooting at 1000 yards in ideal conditions.

The scope must have a minimum 40mm bell size. This scope will catch the light and retain a good field of view even at close range. Therefore, it can be used even in the early morning or late-night conditions. The scope must retain a lot of elevation adjustment in MRADS, and MOA clicks, as the baseline 308 round is used.

For fast tactical shooting, mil dots and hash marks must be used. These are required for correct elevation requirements when dialing long-distance shots.

It is vital to choose the right size scope tube, such as the 30mm tubes. Larger tube bodies allow for greater elevation adjustment and heavier internal parts that won’t fail when it’s counted on. They also have better light control than smaller tubes.

Thanks to its full receiver rail, the AR-10 can still accommodate larger bases and rings up to 30mm in size. An elevator kit is almost always needed on the AR platform. This makes it easy to sight the AR-10 from one package.

If you are looking for a perfect scope when used with the AR-10, we have extensively reviewed some great scope in the post. The AR-10 platform has the 308, 243, and 300 Win Mag available. This makes it crucial to have a clear view of the glass. So what can you do with less? You can do a lot without a doubt. But don’t expect less from a scope that is of lower quality.

As with all things, you will get what you pay for when you buy a quality rifle scope like the ones we will review in the next section.

Best Scopes For For AR-10

1. Vortex Diamondback 4-12 x 40 SFP (Best Choice for AR-10 Hunting Scope)

With an AR-10, you will need the Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40mm scope. Varmint, big game, and long range shooting are all excellent uses for this scope. Why is this possible?

The clearness of the glass is adequate for the value, but the glass from the Primary Arms is superior in quality. It performs admirably in dimly lit environments (in a case like after dusk and before dawn). Once the magnification is set to its maximum, the scope exhibits some deformations (12X). It is still valid, but it is evident when you look at it.

Long range shots are simple with the Dead hold BDC reticle. For example, zeroing at 100 yards is as simple as following the hash marks on the target to determine where to aim.

The 3.1-inch difference between the left and right lenses is not ideal. However, it is effective in getting the task done. Except for one instance, it rarely has problems with the eye box or insufficient eye relief: 12X (the maximum resolution). Because of this, the eye box is a little too narrow at this magnifying level. Correct mounting components and excellent cheek weld will address the problem (it is vital).

The turrets for windage and elevation zero quickly and maintain zero effectively. The flexibility of the turrets makes satisfying click noises as they adjust themselves. They stand out among their peers. That is all there is to it.

The 4-12X resolution of this scope makes it ideal for wildlife hunting (it works within the medium and long range). From a distance of 100 yards and beyond, there is no parallax.

The Diamondback is impenetrable to water, fog, and even shock. Plus, it is very light at 14.6 ounces. It is ideal for hunters who have to be on the go all the time to stay on top of their target.

Rings and Mounting

Using a 1″ Vortex Cantilever mount for the Diamondback gives you a fascinating experience. It is easy to use, and it is made of high-quality materials.

Vortex Defender Flip Caps come in handy for scope protection (E-10 and O-40). However, there is no comparison between these and the supplied bikini covers when it comes to safeguarding your lens.

2. Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50

You can acquire Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 short-to-long range AR-10 scope at an affordable price. This weapon is effective for tactical shooting practice and hunting. You can always aim above 1,000 yards with the scope. You can keep reading to learn more details about the device.

With this scope, you can aim your target perfectly with the glass dispersion. The maximum light transmission is due to an objective lens(50mm) and a full multi-coated coating. The glass yields a perfect image and works well in an environment of low light conditions. However, if there is any distortion, you might easily see it at the highest magnification (24x).

The reticle is an EBR-4 MOA which is an appropriate choice for individuals that prefer long range practices. The reticle is quite unique and specially designed for distance practices. It has the ability to estimate windage, holdover, range, etc. In addition, you can use the second focal plane (SFP) to aim at the target. This implies that irrespective of the magnification level, the reticle size remains the same. With this advantage, every individual can use the second focal plane at any range. Here’s a look at how the reticle illuminates. There are 11 brightness settings; you can choose which best suits your preference. Similarly, the battery life is not bad. 

The scope with 3.5 inches of eye relief is quite generous for an AR-10. But on the other hand, the eye box gets tight when the magnification level is at 24x, which is the highest. To this effect, it is appropriate to proper cheek weld.

Most people love the turrets because of their zero resettable and tactical features. You can quickly return to zero when recording and adjusting dials with these excellent features. In addition, it makes it easy to aim a long-distance target as that is where the adjustments are necessary as audible and joyous sounds are produced by the turrets when turning. You will like the sound. At first experience, the dials might be (very) stiff, but they will loosen up with constant usage.

Unlike other devices that are only effective for long range practices, its 4x-24x magnification power is an excellent option for aiming close or long targets while practicing. It provides excellent sight with free parallax at all ranges. Whenever you experience any issues with the parallax, try to use the side parallax knob but know that if the turrets become stiff, the side parallax knob and magnification are not immune to stiffness. However, as earlier mentioned, as you constantly use the properties, the stiffness loosens up.

It is adaptable regardless of weather or environmental conditions (fog, rain, shock, sun). The proof resistance it provides is due to the presence of nitrogen purge, O-ring sealed, and aircraft-standard aluminum features, which are in summary for it remains effective after several falls. Although it weighs 1.6 pounds (25.6 ounces), you can invest in this scope if you want light mount equipment.

The Strike Eagle is an appropriate option if you want a short to long range scope. Despite some users’ stiff complaints at high magnification, excellent features include; solid turrets, generous eye relief, durable, ideal magnification (4x-24x), clear glass, and fast focus eyepiece. The main point is it is an adequate long range scope as some professionals recommend it as one of the best in the market. In addition, the lifetime warranty makes it easy for you to change for free and without stress if it breaks or needs repair.

Rings & Mounting

Most people who go out with a Vortex Sports Cantilever with a 30mm offset mount 2-inch express find the installation easy and zero hold like a professional. However, getting solid lens protection like Vortex Defenders with eyepiece sizes of E-10 and 41.5-46mm and objective sizes 0-50  and 55.59mm might be a good idea. The lens with these features can remain for years without a single scratch.

3. Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25×50 – Best For Long Range Target

In the market currently, this scope is one of the best for long range targets. Without the arms or leg price tag, it is as effective as a light force scope.

Some individuals call the Viper PST a “half-price Razor HD” because the glass has 1080P clarity. The secret of the Viper clarity is in the glass construction’s extra-low dispersion (XD). This glass construction, 50mm objective lens, and fully multi-coated lens help maximize transmitted light of high-res images at low or high light conditions. Below is a picture of how it would appear.

The eye box is forgiving as the eye relief is 3.4. Throughout shooting, the magnification stays consistent. 

So far, the windage and elevation option works well. They are adjustable and produce tactical clicks as some knobs have textured grips. You can make adjustments with gloves or wet hands as users can zero at a single click. A similar feature between this weapon and the Nightforce scope is you can’t adjust more than your sight-in-zero.

For medium to long range, use the 5-25x magnification as it is smooth for others. On a sunny day, you can see as far as a thousand yards with the device. The only issue you might experience is during extreme weather conditions, as vision blurs during this period. However, the scope is like a microscope that shows everything in detail so that you might be seeing rain droplets or snow. This information might come in handy when planning to go out in weather conditions.

This waterproof, fog proof, snowproof device will keep working as long as you want with zero sign of failure. Interestingly, it can withstand fire. Despite being thrown out of a moving vehicle, buried in dirt, etc., it can still withstand all the adversity and perform seamlessly. The weight is about 2 pounds which is much heavier than other AR-10 scopes. Still, it can also be an advantage because the tactical glass has better quality precision than a regular objective lens. If you purchase this scope for precision shooting, there is no need to be moving around.

Most tactical long range shooters prefer Vortex Viper PST because of zero stop, glove-adjustable turrets, first focal plane, lifetime warranty, extended magnification, MRAD reticle, durability, etc. This gadget is an exact value for its money.

Rings & Mounting

The 30 mm disconnect mount from Midwest industries is swift and easy to take off.

4. Primary Arms Silver Series 4-14×44 FFP – Best All AAround Features

The overall best AR-10 scope is the primary Arms 4-14×44.  This device is appropriate for hunting, aiming for long-distance targets, and tactical shooting. To learn about what makes the scope versatile.

Either in sun or rain, the scope glass is noticeable. The ACSS reticle is a unique part. Describing it to you might not be enough but a single try is enough to convince you.

Another exciting feature about it is the reticle can double as BDC or a red dot. Thus, when comparing the red dot with the ACSS reticle head-to-head, they are almost of equal standard. (You may also like my best handgun red dot guide)

You can find the reticle in the first focal plane (FFP), which means as you change the magnification level, the reticle size of the scope adjusts, thereby allowing perfect vision for long-distance shots. In addition, the reticle etched directly into the glass, so there’s no need for a battery.

There is a 6-brightness setting knob to get a perfect view using the second focal plane reticle.

The scope has 3.2-3.1 inches as an eye relief, which is not a  bad idea. If you don’t have issues with eye relief between 4-10x, try using this scope. However, when you shift the magnification between 11x-14x, you will notice the eye box and comfort becomes a bit tight. To get around any challenge at this level, simply mount hardware used for a better view or practice a better cheek weld.

The shooter’s adjustment system (MRAD) is what primary Arms use.  The positive clicks produced by the .10 MIL turrets make adjustment seamless. In less than three rounds, the device zeroes fast and holds its position firmly. Some hunters said that at about 600 yards, they were able to stack holes with no issue using the weapon. Furthermore, another feature you might prefer is the zero-reset, which makes zero turning back swift.

For short to long target aim, the device 4x-14x is an excellent idea. Irrespective of the magnification level you set between 4x-14x, you will get a complete and parallax-free view. If there is any challenge with the parallax, simply use the include parallax knob option, but it is rare for such an issue to occur.

When watching the advert of this scope, you will notice more emphasis on the fact that it is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof, but does that mean that is how effective the device is? Without much exaggeration, yes, it is an excellent scope. To test,  simply submerge it in a bucket of water, bump it, and try aiming a target during foggy conditions. You will experience no difficulty. The weight is around 1 pound & 7 ounces which is quite heavy but to compensate, try using a lightweight mount.

Individuals that like medium to long range distance for shooting should use this AR-10. Other features make this scope unique; rugged build, parallax adjustment knob, clear glass, zero-reset turrets(enhance swift adjustments), first focal plane, and ACOG+BDC reticle.

You can get this device for less than $500 as some professionals rate it as the best tactical AR-10 scope. The Amazon reviews have more than 100 positive comments with a 5-star rating. Give the range a try soon, and you won’t regret it.

Rings & Mounting

As a novice, you might find the device is heavy; use the 30mm mount of Aero Precision Ultralight as it helps to save weight and make the shooting experience better. For preserving scope lenses, you can invest in the Butler Creek Caps (Eyepiece size:19  Objective size:31) as it is pocket-friendly and saves energy.

5. UTG 3-12×44 – Best Budget Scope

If you need scope within your budget, look no further with the UTG scope option. It is available for as low as $100 and does essential work you need in any scope.

Although the glass is not like the Vortex Diamondback reviewed above, it is still pretty good. It is an excellent option for beginners because the reticle helps to estimate long distances as you can change the line color to any that suits you.

Users get 3.3 inches of eye distance during practice. Although at the highest magnification, the scope is tight, so choose another option if you want a better view.

The turrets are a bit stiff but work well, and as you utilize them, the stiffness loosens. When you hold the turrets at zero, it locks and is easily resettable.

You will get a complete view at the lowest setting(3x) but a fuzzy appearance at maximum magnification(12x). Also, just like the turrets, the magnification knob is a bit stiff. However, the side wheel adjustment turret (SWAT) makes the view parallax-free throughout magnification.

It is also fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof and weighs 25.6 ounces too heavy for hunting. However, if you have a swift prey to aim, this weapon might slow you down

UTG 30mm scope is a decent and pocket-friendly weapon with features like a lifetime warranty, proper glass, working turrets, and precise illumination..

Rings & Mounting

The scope comes with lens caps and medium profile rings, so all you have to do is get ready and start firing.

6. Leupold Vx 3-9×40 – Best for Hunting

Leupold produces some of the most incredible ar 10 scopes in the United States currently. These are the only custom applications discovered in an American scope maker’s product line, and it comprises some quite expensive versions.

The Leupold scope was approved over all other scopes currently on the supply chain by Weatherby AR rifle enthusiasts. Weatherby rifles are far from inferior, and since they are made in Wyoming, their quality is unwavering and stands the test of time. They are a top choice to consider, and most people will hardly dispute this fact.

The Reticle of the Duplex with the ar 10 scope allows for speedier target detection with large indicators on the extremities and tiny ones at the middle for precise sight deployment on distant marks.

The Leupold Twilight Management technology is still included in the scope, allowing for more extended periods of shooting early morning and late night. Height and windage are also launched in 1/4 MOA ticks for precision, dead on zero recalibration.

The 6061 – T6 aviation alloy construction of the sight has been shown to last the lifespan of the gunman. It is structured to withstand the strong recoiling of an Ar-10 platform’s ammunition; it meets MilSpec criteria for both glass structure and integrity.

Rings & Mounting

The Mark AR 30mm mount works well on this scope.

7. Trijicon Vcog 1-6×24

In several aspects, the Trijicon VCOG 1-6X24 focal plane rifle scope resembles the well-known ACOG’s tube counterpart, the ACOG. These optics are made for the 175 grain 308 calibers since it is the ammunition Mother Military uses in all of her military operations.

The 168 grain Sierra bullet behaved strangely beyond 800 yards when fired from the finest 308 rifles. Ballistics experts, on the other hand, opted for a thicker shell.

It is where the 175 grain Sierra MK comes in. Because it is designed to be utilized with the United States Army M-10 system, the VCOG is the perfect fit for this round.

When using the 175 grain Sierra bullet, the scope’s reddish segmented circular reticle and central indicator are calibrated to match. The size of the target and the sub-tensions that the gunman sees grow when the reticle’s initial focus plane is used.

This low-cost scope has a broader field of vision and a bigger reticle size than others in its class. It is a classic military structure, and if you want a nighttime vision scope with the most magnifying power, you may go with Trijicon ACOG. This weapon configuration is most likely to be used by medium range snipers in warfare.

Despite being left on constantly, the power supply on this scope has a 700-hour life expectancy. It produces enough energy for 4 to 6 hours of continuous use at various brightness and power levels. The power mechanism of the scope makes use of lithium AA batteries.

Water-resistant, shock-resistant, and submersible to a depth of 66 feet make this scope ideal for outdoor use. The designing and manufacture of all of the gadgets on this site adhere strictly to Mil-Spec standards. It is the view of a combatant era. That is all there is to it.

This technique may be used by special forces, cops, and regular shooters alike, whether on the battlefield or competing in a three-gun and steel target competition. A total of 90 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment is included in the scope, constructed in 1/2 MOA steps at 100 yards.

Rings & Mounting

The scope comes with Thumb Screw Mount (TA51 Mount) and Lenspen (TA56). Just get ready and start shooting.

Shooting Distances and Magnification

Magnification is either too low or too high for some people. Why? They don’t know what magnification is needed for their purposes. This breakdown will provide all the information you need.

Close Range

The AR-10 is not a weapon of close range. If you are using it for dog hunting or other close range purposes the 1- 4X power magnification will be a good choice. You can also use a red spot (or AR-15 Red Dot), the best holographic sight, or a Trijicon ACOG for your AR-10.

Medium Rangum Range from 200 – 400 Yards

This is the most popular use for the AR-10. It is used primarily for hunting hogs and larger games. If this is the case, then you will probably need 5x -9x magnifications. This will enable you to see the most important game targets easily.

Long Range from 400+ Yards

This is where AR-10 excels. Some people even use AR-10s to defeat bolt action rifles at sharpshooting tournaments. My recommendation for long range magnification would be 9x or more.

Final Thoughts

Finding an AR 10 scope that works well isn’t easy if you don’t choose the right distance to shoot because you’ll end up paying a lot on magnification. A variable-powered scope is required if you want to combine magnifications, such as using both medium and long range. This allows you to adjust the magnification.

Whether you are looking for a basic red dot sight or something more advanced with variable magnification and target acquisition technology, there is an option out there for everyone. And while we may not be able to predict what will happen next year when it comes to new rifle scopes coming on the market, the ones listed here should serve as excellent examples of high-quality optics available today. Have you tried any of the listed AR-10 scopes? Let’s have your thoughts in the comments below!

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