The Best Scopes For .30-06: Get The Perfect Shot Every Time 2022

The original design of the .30-06 was to have a firing range of 1000 yards. It had a 4.75 mile certified extreme reach with a 150-grain projectile. These ranges were not possible for many of the rifles designed initially to fire this military cartridge initially. .30-06 scope are ideal for long-distance target competitions.

The .30-06 is a popular choice for big game hunting. However, shooters will need a scope to place precise shots at these ranges to make the most of this cartridge’s long-range potential.

Deer hunters prefer 3-9x magnification. Therefore, this cartridge is ideal for hunting game in open grassland. However, you will need an optic with higher magnification to get there. Read up our list of best .30-06 scopes to choose your choice for hunting.

best scope for 30 06

Best Scopes For .30-06 Review

Leupold VX-3i

The Leupold VX-3i scope offers a clear view and a lifetime warranty. It also has a testing process that is unconventional at times. This ensures that you have a scope that will work in any field condition. The main tube of this scope measures 1 inch. 

This lens has a “twilight,” which improves night-gathering ability in low light conditions. Before you press the shutter, be sure to know when your shooting hours are over. Sometimes that extra 5-10 minute Twilight coating can determine your hunting success. 

Three reticles are available for the VX-3i. The .30-06 can shoot at 1,000 yards if it’s in the right hands. Most shooters will not require these longer ranges. The standard duplex reticle works well for these shooters. You can see your scope from a distance of about 300 yards if you aim it at least an inch or two inches above the ground.

The Wind-Plex features hash marks along the scope’s windage line for shooters who require longer shots. The internals allows for 1/4 minute angle (MOA), adjustments that will let you dial in at 100 yards while still being on target at 500. The total adjustment for elevation and windage is 65 MOA. The VX-3i is purified and then filled with an argon/krypton mixture. This is said to be even more effective than nitrogen-filled scopes and “prevents thermal shock.”

Vortex Optics Diamondback

The Vortex Diamondback is made from a 1-inch-long tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. Although the scope has adjustable turrets, they are not capped. Vortex offers a lifetime warranty on the Diamondback. It comes with a 1-inch tube. This scope is ideal for hunters and shooters interested in 250 yards or fewer targets. The scope adjusts in just 1/4 MOA clicks and delivers 15 MOA each turn.

The scope provides 60 MOA for elevation and windage. Although this isn’t as good as tactical scopes, getting you on the X at 100 meters without much difficulty should be sufficient. Vortex describes this scope as a Dead-Hold BDC reticle. Graduations are given in MOA. To make your shot, you will need to adjust the scope to match your ammunition’s performance. It is crucial to understand how wind affects bullet drop and down-range performance.

The reticle in this scope is located behind the magnification lenses, which means it is closer to your eyes. Practically, this means that the reticle size remains the same regardless of the magnification range. Therefore, this is a preferred method by some shooters as it provides a reference point.

You have a 32.4-foot FOV at 100 yards. Maximum magnification will give you a FOV of 11.3 feet. This stretch can easily take you up to 500 yards with a large whitetail.

Athlon Optics Argos BTR 6-24X

The Athlon is available in a 30mm tube. The scope features a red light reflector. This scope has been factory tested to withstand 1000Gs recoil time after time. It is in the same category as the Leupold for endurance testing.

The reticle is a first focal plane scope (FFP) and will adjust in size when you zoom in on or away from your target. This is something that some shooters love while others don’t. Talk to your friends and test their scopes. This scope allows the.30-06 old model to reach its maximum range and potential.

Ballistic turrets make it easy to center the scope for windage, elevation, and return to zero. This scope is made of etched glass. This scope is more durable than wire, as no wire can be broken. This eyepiece is much more resistant to shock damage than wire. The tube of 30mm is removed and filled with Argon. This gas is superior to nitrogen when filling scopes.

The red illumination of the reticle indicates that it is illuminated. This can be helpful in dim lighting conditions to help you see better. It adjusts in just 1/4 MOA clicks. You can adjust the elevation and windage by 60 MOA. The scope view is filled with the BDC reticle’s hash-marks at maximum magnification. 

The scope is fog and waterproof. This rifle scope can be used at 100 yards to measure distances of 16.7 feet up to a staggering 4.5 feet. This scope has a 45-foot FOV at 1,000 yards. It is comparable to other scopes with a minimum setting of 100 yards.

Burris Fullfield II 3-9X40mm

This scope is one piece and one inch in diameter. The adjustment values are 1/4 MOA. The adjustment range for elevation and windage is 50 clicks. It isn’t as wide as other rifles. A scope mount with rough windage adjustments is available if you need more adjustments. This scope is nitrogen-filled, which should be sufficient for most shooters, even those outside the Arctic ranges.

There are a variety of reticles available for the scope. The scope has a plain, wide-to-narrow bar which is sufficient at distances up to 250 yards. The ballistic reticle is for those who need to reach further distances. The ballistic eyepiece can be used with the most calibers and bullet sizes. To understand how the hash marks line up with your chosen rounds, you will need to use primers.

The Burris Fullfield scope has quad seals instead of the O-ring on many scopes. This provides superior sealing to protect against fog, dust, and water. In addition, for longer life, Fullfield makes steel-to-steel adjustments to its turrets. While aluminum is acceptable for certain applications, it tends to wear out faster than steel. Therefore, steel is required if you intend to perform many sighting in, windage, or elevation changes.

At 100 yards, the FOV is between 12 and 33 feet. This gives an average FOV with minimum magnification. The zoomed-out end will be wider.

Trijicon AccuPower 3-9X40

The Trijicon AccuPower comes in six different models. It is suitable for almost all shooting situations. The 1-inch tube is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This scope is an SFP scope. It can be waterproof up to 10 feet.

There is plenty of adjustment room as the scope has a total elevation and windage of 60 MOA. Once you are familiar with the MIL-Square system, further adjustments to the scope can be made. Both can be adjusted easily on the turrets.

There are many eyepiece options available, from a standard view to an illuminated green or blue with BDC hash marks to a MIL Square reticle designed by a former Marine sniper. It may take some time to get used to the Mil-Square’s additional hash-marks that run down at an angle. The CR2032 lithium batteries can provide illumination for approximately 30 hours. For superior fog resistance, the scope is nitrogen-purged.

Parallax adjustment can be found 10 yards from infinity. The FOV is 35.5 feet from 35.5 feet to 11.8 feet at 100 yards. This is a little more than 30 yards at 100 yards with maximum magnification.

Vortex Optics Razor

The Vortex Razor is a great scope that covers all shooter levels, from novice to expert. The scope can adjust 1/4 MOA and has a Return To Zero capability on both the elevation and windage turbines. These settings are in Milli Radians (MRAD) and not at a minute of angle. Precision shooters prefer this graduation because it allows for fine-tuning.

The scope offers a staggering 79 MOA adjustment planes for elevation and windage. This is again measured in MRAD on dials. The average shooter won’t know the difference. Experienced shooters will choose between MOA and MRAD, but they can work with both. Turrets are locked in place to stop the shooter from accidentally changing them.

Vortex has added an ultra-hard finish on the scope to make it resistant to scratching. It is filled with Argon. Parallax adjustments are 20 feet from infinity. This is a little too close considering the scope’s nature, but it’s not a problem. The FOV is 35.3 to 7.0 feet at 100 meters.

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 hunting scope is great value at a great price. The Crossfire II’s glass is crystal clear. The lenses are fully multi-coated to reduce glare and improve light transmission. This, combined with the 32mm objective aperture, makes it a very bright image even when the sunsets. The Crossfire II uses a Dead hold BDC reticle. It is a duplex with windage dots and holdover on the bottom.

This scope offers a wide range of eye relief between 3.9 and 4.75 inches. The Crossfire II can also be used with other accessories, as it can be mounted almost anywhere on your top rail.

The eye box is large, even at high magnification. Therefore, it is quick and easy for you to get your target.

The Crossfire II is very durable and lightweight as it is made of one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. In addition, its single-piece construction eliminates any moving parts and gaps that allow dirt or moisture to enter.

The tube is sealed with an o-ring and nitrogen purged to be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

This optic can handle any amount of recoil, from air rifles to high-caliber hunters.

This scope’s turrets are reliable and simple to use as they can be turned with your finger and make a solid click every turn. The Crossfire II’s clicks are 1/4 MOA so that you can get a precise zero. In addition, the turrets have a zero-reset feature, so you can reset your dials to zero once you see in. Crossfire II offers variable zoom from 2-7x as you can zoom in to extend your shots to over 100 yards. The lowest setting is ideal for target acquisition and observation. This scope excels at hunting distances between 40 and 80 yards.

Vortex Viper HST 6-24X50

Vortex Viper 6-24X50 is a great scope. Thanks to the ballistic turrets, you can dial in your shot with a precision that is impossible in non-tactical scopes.

The rifle scope comes on a tube of 30mm. The scope comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also shockproof. You can adjust the scope to match your caliber, bullet weight, and, more importantly, the bullet falls over distance and wind resistance once you have it. Two reticles are available for the Vortex Viper.

An experienced shooter can adjust immediately with the VMR-1 MOA’s elevation and windage hash-marks. In addition, the VMR-1 MRAD has one of the most extensive graduated reticles in the industry. Therefore, the elevation adjustment through the lens or reticle can be adjusted for most shots by a professional shooter.

This scope is made of one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. Vortex can seal the tube and purge it with Argon. This gas is superior to nitrogen in rifle scopes. Argon is a noble and valuable gas.

The Vortex Viper allows you to adjust parallax from 50 yards to infinity. It is not common to get 50-yard shots due to the scope’s nature. The scope has 65 MOA elevation windage. Each turn of the turret requires 12 MOA click adjustments.

The high-magnification scopes offer a range of 17.8 to 5.10 feet at 100 meters. This magnification allows for larger animals, such as mule deer monsters, to fill the scope at 100 meters with maximum magnification.

Simmons 3-9X50mm

The Simmons 3-9X50mm-8 Point scope is ideal for shooters aware of their maximum shot at 250 yards but plans to use it primarily at 100 yards.

The scope is suitable for 30-06 but not for dangerous, big-bore game calibers. It has a 1-inch tube. It can adjust windage and elevation with 1/4 clicks and 60 MOA adjustments.

The reticle’s basic design is simple. The reticle has narrow bars that reach the center. There are no graduation lines or hash marks. All adjustments to windage and elevation must be made on the spot. The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and dust-proof. Parallax error is not corrected for in the scope. Some shooters have reported that the sight plane becomes fuzzy beyond 100 yards. Others don’t feel this.

Vortex Razor GEN 2 3-18×50

Are you an open-country hunter who is looking for the best long-range scope? Then, the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen 2-18×50 optic is the best open-country optic.

Vortex Optics features crystal clear glass. Even under low light conditions, the image was sharp and clear from the lowest magnification (3x) up to the highest (18x). It has an EBR-7C reticle in the first focal point. This means that the size of your reticle will change with changes in magnifications. This makes it ideal for hunting in open areas or long-range shots. The illuminated reticle is also available, and the reticle’s center has the holdover and windage hatches that light up when they are turned on.

Eye relief measures 3.7 inches which are quite generous, and the fast focus eyepiece allows for quick focus adjustments. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is O-ring sealed and waterproof.

It is also very easy to zero, and the micro zero adjustments allow users to fine-tune their accuracy between clicks. This feature is especially useful when you need to be more precise for long-range shots.

The magnification range is 3x-18x which is perfect for all purposes. The optic comes with a sunshade attachment as well as a lens cloth. If you love the versatility of.30-06 hunting big game with long-distance precision, the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 3-18×50 may be for you.

Final Thoughts

There are many .30-06 scopes for almost every shooting and hunting purpose. But even the best scope for 30-06 will not magically make you better at shooting. Practice is the key to accurate shooting. So once you choose among our suggested scope for your rifle and mount it correctly, spend some time practicing your shooting skills at the gun range.

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