The Best Scopes for AK 47 Rifles: You Won’t Believe What We Found – Updated 2022

Scopes enhance your accuracy in targets. For learning how to shoot, we recommend using scopes instead of sights. When scopes are combined with optoelectronics, they form a “smart scope” or digital night. Typically, scopes are used with all kinds of firearms that require accurate aiming with magnification.

So basically, scopes are used for rifles. There is a reason why firearms experts use scopes on their guns, be it shotguns or handguns. Here is the reason. With metallic sights, you are to line up the rear sight with the front sight and your target to aim. Aiming to shoot is difficult with this.

Unlike iron sights, reflector sights, and holographic sights, with scopes, you line up your reticles with your target and shoot. Scopes eliminate the complexity of lining up to shoot. This is why scopes are recommended for you when you want to learn how to shoot.

Also, scopes magnify targets, making them look closer and more comfortable to see. This way, you get a better shot at your target.

best scope for ak47

Things To Consider When Buying A Scope For An AK47

There are several things to look out for before purchasing a Scope. You may not be familiar with the market, making you end up buying short scopes.

An accurate description of what you want doesn’t make you look like an amateur to the buy. The buyer may even offer more options.

What then are things to consider? Below are some factors to consider before purchasing a Scope for your AK47:


In getting your Scope, the construction of the Scope affects its performance. When scopes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is guaranteed to have massive strength.

Also, the diameter of the Scope is to be considered alongside the construction. Diameters range from 30mm to 60mm. The more the diameter, the more its internal components.

Objective Lens

The objective lens is the other part of your Scope. This part is built for allowing transmission of light into your Scope. Hence, the larger the objective lens, the more light enters the Scope.

Does that mean that you purchase lenses of larger objectives? This is depending. Larger objective lenses are heavier and require higher mounting.

Additionally, your objective lens determines how clear your image will be.

Eye Relief

Eyes relief is as significant as the construction material of the Scope itself. When you pull up the Scope to your eye level, the distance between the ocular lens and your eyes is the Eye relief.

The distance is such that you can avoid a bruised eye after shooting. Averagely, eye relief is around 4 inches. But this may vary. For very powerful rifles, the eye relief is more.

Best Scope for AK 47

1. EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

The XPS2 is a small, light, and short EOTech holographic weapon. Its weight and size afford you convenience while shooting powered by a single CR123 lithium battery. With the configuration of its battery, it leaves more rail space for magnifiers and rear iron sights.

It is constructed and engineered to meet the rising demands of serious precision shooters. It possesses reliable rigidity and lightning-fast target acquisition.

Also, it has a ten-year warranty earning it the award for best fast target acquisition. It features 20 adaptable brightness settings that you can UE for any scenario. It is sturdy and very easy to handle.

2. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Scope

Aimpoint Micro T-2 is designed with an extremely lightweight, ruggedly compact red dot optic. It possesses an advanced objectives system that improves the clarity and shape of the 2 MOA dot. Also, it has an extremely minimal amount of optical parallax.

Additionally, it is housed in a hard-anodized aluminum alloy that protects its lenses from mechanical damage. In its optical component, it has flip-up lenses and recessed lenses.

Also, you can use it for rifles, carbines, and even shotguns. It features 12 settings for you to choose from. It is also dustproof as it comes with a cap that safely secures it from dust.

3. Rail Master Pro Universal Green Laser Sight

The Rail Master Pro Universal Green Laser Sight makes use of two tactical tools in one compact unit. The first unit is designed to be versatile. It can fit in most rifles with a Weaver-style accessory rail, shotguns, and pistols.

The second unit is a powerful 100 lumen white light for target recognition. This unit operates on four modes which are, light/laser constant on, laser constant on, light constant on and laser/w/light Dazzler.

With the Rail Master Pro Universal green laser, activation of these modes is with just a tap. Interestingly, all two units run on a 1-hour single CR2 lithium battery.

4. Meprolight M21 Scope

MEPRO M21, designed through close apposition with Israeli Special Forces, has proven to be reliable. It offers a 30mm diameter lens, which affords you quick acquisition with your eyes opened. Also, it provides you all-light aiming capabilities without batteries.

Illumination of the aiming point is reached by a fibre optic collector system during the day and by a self-powered tritium light source at night. Switching between the two systems is automatic and instantaneous to ensure good contrast between the target and the aiming dot.

MEPRO 21 sight offers users the ability to aim at targets with accuracy in any situation, in any range, and at any time of the day. It is designed to function with magnifying scopes like the MEPRO MX3 – mounted behind it for mind-blowing accuracy.

5. Vortex Optics Crossfire

This 1.4 pounds weight Crossfire vortex rifle scope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. She is possessing a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that is perfect for shooting/hunting at varying ranges.

She affords you an ultra eye box and a long eye relief. With this, you will be able to acquire your target quickly. Its eyepiece with fast focus allows you easy and quick focusing on the reticle.

It has anti-reflective and fully multi-coated lenses to provide clear and bright views for the user. Also, this scope comes with a single piece tube designed from aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it massive strength and enhanced performance.

6. BugBuster Scope

The BugBuster Scope is 100% nitrogen filled and entirely sealed. It has fog, rain, and shockproof performance for maximum strength when mounted.

It has Dual green and red illumination. Also, with accommodating eyes relief, all these make the shooter unstoppable. Whether in a harsh environment or unfavorable weather.

It comes with a design that provides it lasting reliability to guarantee precise and responsive adjustment with time. Impressively, this Scope has an unparalleled parallax free view from 3 yards close to infinity. This feature is not common in the market.

The BugBuster Scope provides you with useful and OK sought-after accessories. Its accessories include; Clip-on lens caps, a pair of medium profile and sunshade, hand wraps heavy bags.

7. Hi-Lux CMR-AK762 Medium Range Tactical Riflescope

This CMR-AK762 Scope is built with a solid 30mm aluminum tube. It has a varying magnification ring from 1x to 4x, or back. An 11-setting rheostat ensures proper adjustable brightness of the illuminated center of the reticle.

The CMR-AK762 has a reticle designed around the 7.62x39mm cartridge. The reticle integrates an illumination center circle and dot—this, plus ranging brackets for aiming at a target quickly and knowingly.

The Hi-Lux “Zero Locking System” allows windage alignment to be locked in place.

8. Leupold VX-Freedom Scope

The Leupold VX-Freedom delivers clarity by stabilizing light transmission and industry-leading brightness. The scopes offer you rugged reliability. In any weather or environment, be rest assured that you are covered.

Also, it is the best fog proof and waterproof scope that provides you with flexibility. With a lifetime performance, you can use this scope for any situation. Don’t limit yourself. It is a high definition scope for rifles.

Additionally, it is very rigid and high performance. Constructed with quality materials, you can be assured that it is durable. It is tested to last for a lifetime.

9. Primary Arms SLX MOA Rifle Scope

The ARC-2 MOA made of aircraft-grade aluminum offers excellent strength. Coming with a three years warranty, these very incredible scopes have 4 – 14x Magnification.

Additionally, this scope has 6 brightness settings for you to choose from. You can freely express yourself in any weather condition as this scope is not affected by dampness. Also the strength is immeasurable.

Also, it features 6 brightness settings you can conveniently switch from. It is very firm and sports great strength. It is the best if you’re seeking to get an affordable scope with amazing features.

10. TRUGLO TruBrite 30 Series Rifle Scope

TruBrite 30 Series delivers the perfect combination of clarity, speed, and precision. They are featuring a 30mm tube and a magnification of 1-4x or 1-6x.

TruBrite 30 provides clear images and a vast field of view. It also is very lightweight and you will practically not feel it weighing you down. It shows images clearly from any angle or distance. It is known for its rigidity and strength.

Additionally, its aluminum components make it very sturdy and rigid. It also features a very high 6x magnification. It is very clear and allows you to get your target from a far distance.

What is the average Magnification to look out for when purchasing a Scope?

Depending on the distance and purpose, magnifications vary. For long-distance shooting with a full-scale rifle, a magnification of 10x – 20x is recommendable. For hunting, 4:1 zoom ratio is the recommendation.

Why do I need larger tubes?

Large tube diameters allow for more components in the scopes. These components in the Scope prevent fogging and allow waterproof and shockproof performance. These components may include nitrogen or argon purgin g.

Do I need to check the Warranty?

Yeah, you should. Some scopes have warranties of 5 years, less or more. Others have a lifetime warranty. Why do you care to look at it?

Here is another reason, some warranties cover mechanical damages while others do not. Some warranty cover damages by craft and others do not.


In choosing a scope for an AK47, I consider the weight, construction material, parallax, objective lens and Magnification. The Ak47 scope I will recommend to anyone, anytime, is the Crimson Trace CMR-204. It is lightweight, made of polypropylene and has the Best Scope laser.

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