The Best Shooting Gloves: 6 Must Haves for Every Hunter 2022

In many case the use of a special shooting glove is not at all necessary. In fact as a police officer by example in my case unless your using a glove on your gun hand all the time it is best not to train with a handgun or even assault weapon when wearing any type of glove. Remember, train like you shoot because that is what you remember when everything goes south in a fight, hunt, or target shooting event.

I have watched shooters that knew their stuff from the book to the shooting bench well, but fell apart on the line because of some small thing that they did not expect. Using a glove will reduce felt reflex action as in combat style shooting or precision shooting against paper targets. However, an entry ERU/SWAT police officer that is going against close doors and unknown situations will often opt for special gloves for hand to hand fighting while still making use of an MP-5 or other high cycle rate shoulder held weapon.

Best Shooting Gloves

Allen Creede Handgun Shooting Gloves

I have started with handgun gloves here because it is an area I have the most experience with when taking up my heavy recoiling 454 Cassull, or 44 Remington Magnum chambered handguns. Creede handgun gloves use the palm swell so as to reduce felt recoil with heavy magnums and as another element to the design also aid when shooting shotguns on clays that do not retain a built in right or left handed stock swell that is a stand alone design. 

This glove is also built with soft finger tip control features and the shooter can feel controls and could if necessary work through the functions on a cell phone key board. 

Made with a synthetic stretch feature the gloves are form fit to the hand. The glove make use of a conventional tap when putting them on and allow an even pullover across the fingers and upper hand. 

Built to allow easy reloading of magazines in the event the gloves are used in competitive high volume shooting, or as in dove hunting in high target consecrated areas these hand tools are class as very workable products. 

La Police Glove

In terms of time in house I have used the police glove far more than most others during the 26 years I was on the street. This model is a bit different from mine in that I made use of a very thin doe skin glove that retained about the sensitive thickness of the human hand.

This glove is designed for shooters that require the ability to feel controls as in decock levers, safety’s, slide rails when charging a round into the chamber. Shotgun training drills that demand the ability to find an 870 WingMaster rear trigger guard safety, or slam shotshells in the tube magazine directly ahead of the trigger guard under the shotgun barrel.

With the brand name LA Police Gear you know that your getting right into the tools of the trade in this case. These gloves use a hook and loop feature on the closure design for a perfect fit. Slop in a shooting glove is not the best idea going in that this case cause mishandling of a weapon and become a safety issue as well. 

Kemimoto Tactical Glove

This is a touch screen military combat glove that makes use of the hard knuckle in the event ammo runs out, or use of force doctrines come into play.

The glove are made for all types of general use. Paintball shooting games. Firearms shooting camping o use on a motorcycle to name a few. The hardened knuckle design can aid the individual wearing the gloves when possible damage is evident as in cuts or scraps to the hands. Fight off an aggressor can be also considered and still the gloves are workable when working through firearms function drills or actual real time shooting events. 

Double stitched for strength under hard use, make use of screen functions as in a computer key board, and the gloves use open vent holes so as to keep excess moisture in check. The gloves are fully breathable, and at the same time protective. 

Wolf Tactical Shooting Gloves

The Wolf gloves are of a heavy tactical type. This means they have molded rubber guard plates, use synthetic leather combined materials, and are breathable in terms of a mesh design as well.

Information about the gloves says nothing about recoil control or dampening ability.

Many of these gloves do not cover this area of a shooting gloves design. If your going to shoot heavy magnum handguns as in the 44 Mag and other in that group, there is danger in cracking wrist bones as in very fine micro fractures from extended subjection to heavy recoil. I shoot the 454 Cass being one of the top three over the counter super heavy weights in this group and I can tell you I do not shoot it lacking my fully protective recoil absorbing shooting gloves. The Wolf gloves look great, and I tend to think best suited for work with light weapons, carbines as in the AK-47 or AR-15, being recoil is of no consideration when shooting these assault style rifles. Heavy rifles as in the 300 Win Mag, or other similar power rated cartridge chamberings are again a different matter. 

The Wolf gloves offer a good fit, a solid range of motion from the full hand to finger movement on a computer screen, or sliding a safety off in the dark before a fight lacking the sharp metal to metal click in the process.

Zune Lotoo Tactical Gloves

These gloves a completely fingerless in style. That means touch is no issue and recoil protection is an element being considered. The gloves a breathable, quick drying by way of a mesh fabric coupled with sheepskin. The glove will draw off heat quickly, but still retains a double wall construction that will aid the shooter in fighting off heavy recoil as in handguns in the magnum range of weapons. Designed with hook and loop construction and special attention paid to the hand palm section, the gloves are designed for shooters as well as us in other sporting applications. 

Mission Made Hellfox Tactical

Ribbed ottoman, neoprene and microfiber exterior these are well made gloves at a very affordable price. The cost is everything now a days with the world coming apart commercially of late. 

Made in three different sizes,using special neoprene panels that allow for free movement in he full range, and also give the user complete control. The gloves are designed for police, military, and general sporting use according to the manufacture. The gloves are signed to be directed toward safe function as well as offering solid control and protection afield. Hook and loop velcro for correct solid fit, and a wrist strap is included for hanging on a pack or belt. 

A word about gloves. In many cases I use a basic cowboy style ranch or farm steer hide work glove for shooting and general field use in warmer weather, and turn to an insulated model when the temperature starts to drop. Any glove for the most part less a very soft fabric only model will fight off recoil stress, sharp edges on weapons that seem to strike during recoil, and other elements found in the shooters environment. These gloves retain a dual roll as such and can get the job done and still save the individual requiring the protection a good deal of money. Remember, anything of significant substance will fight off the generated kinetic effects of recoil against the human body. Many basic leather gloves will also provided a solid element of slip protection and retention in terms of weapons control. In the world of shooting when you buy gloves do not pass up the obvious. 

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