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Chris Douglas, Guest Editor, Volume One

Chris Douglas was born and raised in East Tennessee along the Clinch River in Anderson County. Chris’ interest in photography began at age 10, when he began by snapping photos of his surroundings – wildlife and family hunting trips. These passions have persisted. His love of the outdoors and wildlife continues to fuel the energetic quality of his current work.

While attending the University of Tennessee, Chris was approached by a print scout and was sent to New York to work with world-class photographer Bruce Weber for for famed fashion designer Gianni Versace. For the next four years he lived between New York, Paris and Milan and learned about the inner workings of the fashion business. He further developed his talents as a photographer while working with other notable photographers including Steven Meisel, Arthur Elgort, Norman Seef, Bob Frame and Lance Staedler.  In 1995, Chris worked as an assistant to fine art photographer James Fee in Los Angeles, before moving back to New York.  It was during those adventurous and educational years that Chris’ developed his standards of exceptional quality and his commitment to providing clients with extraordinary imagery.

 As an accomplished traditional bowhunter and outdoorsman, Chris began getting disgruntled with city living and put down roots in Southwest Montana, where he worked various ranches and competed as a saddle bronc contestant in rodeos throughout Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It was during that time he was tapped by the producers of the famed 'Duck Dynasty' television program to host and partly shoot the Feeding Frenzy Series for The Discovery Channel (Bear Feeding Frenzy, Crocodile & Alligator Feeding Frenzy, Lion Feeding Frenzy). For the past four years, Chris has worked as the Chief Creative Director for a Montana based marketing firm specializing in marketing, design, event production and creative services for national, regional, and local clients.

These days, Chris’ photography still reflects his life as an outdoorsman, conservationist and cowboy and expresses the respect and gratitude he has for his Native American lineage. His images are emotional and engaging; they relate a powerful, physical story and capture every detail of his subjects. His 25 years of experience in every facet of the industry have enhanced Chris' skills as a sought-after photographer, and contributed to his work in advertising, commercial, motion, and editorial imagery.  He currently divides his time between work locations and Bozeman, Montana where he lives with his wife, two children and their horses.

Enter Modern Huntsman. We met Chris about two years ago and instantly connected. Chris has a way to communicate the honest, truthful story of hunting ethics and traditions through photography and written word. We began developing a relationship with him and realized that he brought something to the table that few people ever could. Not only did he talk about the ideals of hunting, but he lived it. We asked him to not only contribute to the first issue of our publication, but to be the guest editor, completely expecting him to say "no", but to our surprise and great fortune, he was enthused to be a part of this mission. 

Alongside Charles Post, Chris will be bringing a synchronicity to Volume One, by grading our contributors' stories with the highest standards, to ensure that the root traditions, ethics, and respect are upheld with wisdom, and that any data and statistics will be verified by multiple sources and that these stories are not only beautiful and inspirational, but accurate and measurable.

Here's to Chris Douglas.

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