How To Pick The Scope for 308 Rifle

When purchasing the scope for 308, we believe that you could be difficult to select. Thus, in this article, we will show you some useful tips for picking up the best one. With regardless of you are experts or amateur, this review will be readable and help you a lot in making your decision. Now, let’s follow us to find out some interesting information below.  


Goal Distance

Firstly, you need to identify the range of goal which you want to reach. For the first time, we highly recommend that you should not adjust a magnification until 20X. Meanwhile, taking the 2x scope to prepare for shooting within 900 yards is very challenging.

Terrain condition

Do you want to get something in the forest? Subsequently, there is no need to bring a scope with long magnification when you do not plan to hunt for some tiny targets.

Likewise, when you prepare for reaching farther distances to grab elks and tails, this high magnification one is an excellent option at this time.


Once picking up the most suitable 308 scopes, there are a lot of choices for you to check. The first thing you should remember is the focal plane. Why? Because the reticle goes along with other structures of the focal plane.  

Rear: For some older hunting cases, they are the popular ones. On the other hand, that reticle is left beneath the magnification alteration. In some ways, whenever you transform the magnification, the reticle dimension will not adjust.        

When it comes to the benefits, you will find it simple to set up the target until you can use it easily. Hence, the rear tends to use for a long-range as well as shooting since most of the reticle does not drive up the goal at all.

The drawback of it is that when you possess trajectory into the structure of reticle, we believe that values are only true with the setting mode around one magnification.

Front Focal-plane: It is the contrary of this rear. It sets the reticle above the magnification alteration. Therefore, once you raise or reduce the magnification, the reticle dimension will probably fluctuate together with your intended dimension.

Dual Focal-plane: The newest version of the plate is the dual plane. On the other hand, they are very tricky to produce. This plane is a mixture of FFP and SFP.

Besides, the middle point will not alter its dimension whether the hairs are put into FFP, or they shift the magnification as well. Thus, these points will be precise so much.       

Last but not least, DFPs are still a wonderful alternative for shooting in which you need to take the goals with both short and long-distance.  

Eye Alleviation

We highly recommend that you should let your 308 scope can not touch your brow. Because the eye relief is the distance which your sight can be approach from lens to the entire image. Thus, it is crucial with recoil. Although it is not high, the recoil of it is needed to consider. Moreover, the eye relief will reduce immediately once magnification is boosted up until your eyes reach to five inches at all.  

The Glass

Possessing an excellent scope with leading quality glass is equally critical. On the other hand, the leading quality glasses can be purchased at an affordable price as well.

Besides, the picture clarity can be seen via the scope is nonsense because everyone has their distinctive eyes. For instance, the youngster can perceive distinctively away rather than the older people. At this moment, there are a lot of famous brands on the market, such as Gucci, Nikon, and so on.

Target Lens                           

Some people do not require an immense target lens. On the other hand, the soldiers will grab it for their sniper scope.                 

The ordinary dimensions to get a goal lens would be somewhere, involving from 42 to 45 mm. Also, it is suitable for the middle-level gun range. If you hunt for some elks with 200 yards, we highly recommend that you should not choose the huge goal lens at 80 mm.

Purchasing a 308 scope with a huge lens will lead to some troubles. The first thing is creating the inconvenience when you change your sight. You want greater mountings to possess distance between the gun and scope that helps to make the installment.  


Are you finding out what parallax implies?

Parallax occurs when your goal, your sight as well as lenses are not moved. In other words, it will take place whenever your sight is not located in the middle of the eyepiece.

Here is some information included with using a parallax modification along with the safety. In this case, we highly suggest that you should install the distance carefully before triggering it. 

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