How to wear a concealed holster

As a newbie to the gun world, you may be gaping at the best way to handle your firearm. However, your holster wearing should not be an issue, as this article will discuss the procedures below:

The first thing to consider when learning how to conceal a holster is the accommodation. This comes down to your size and what you wear. Do you wear tight-fitting clothes? 

You need to get a bigger size if it is the former, as the holster will need an inch more on every position. Here is an in-depth analysis on how to wear your concealed holster:

Inside-the-waistband holster

Some people prefer an inside-the-waistband holster (IWB) because of its comfortability.

However, Belt holsters, either IWB or outside-the-waistband OWB category, happen to be the vastly holding implement because they provide the best concealability and quick and easy accessibility in emergency times.

Interestingly, getting to know the benefits of an inside-the-waistband holster leaves you with no choice of trying to carry your pistol in any other position.

First, your pants’ size determines how comfortable the posture will be because they must be appropriately attached. It is advisable to wear a thick belt when wearing an inside-the-waistband holster so it can hold your holster firmly.  

Make sure to attach the belt clip to the outside before tightening your belt. This enables the holster to lock correctly. The holster can miss its position in the waistband if a pin is not used but with a properly positioned clip, rest assured your firearm is in place, so there’s no need to worry or feel uncomfortable that it might shift position be exposed.

The most frequently used concealed carrier is called the 3 o’clock position or the hip carry. It gives you the liberty to have the gun close to your dominant hand; therefore, your pistol is easy to draw with little or no movement. Hence it’s a specialty among those who love their gun concealed.

However, few people complain about its uneasiness when the pistol comes in contact with the hip, yet it is still the most comfortable position. 

Behind the back holster

This position gives you access to conceal the firearm from anyone who may be looking at you directly as it is pleated in your back. You can hide a giant pistol such as Colt 1911 with ease with an holster for 1911.

Outside-the-waistband holster (OWB)

It is a kind of holster used by gun lords, most especially government agents on off-duty. It is placed either behind the back, hip, or cross-draw on their side covered with a shirt or jacket. This is one of the easiest ways to conceal a holster and the pistol if the carrier doesn’t raise his arm. 

A Shoulder (underarm) holster

A shoulder holster can be the perfect choice for your holster concealment if you do not want it on your waistband or behind the back. It is easily concealable with a jacket and gives easy accessibility. Many brands come with adjustable belts to fit different body types. It, however, requires a coat for the extra weight of the holster. Otherwise, it might be visible.

An Ankle holster

An ankle holster can help a backup firearm as it is pretty slow to bring forth a gun from an ankle holster, unlike other methods. 

It is, however, the best for someone who sits a lot, such as a professional driver, as it is easily accessible when in a kneeling or sitting position. 

One benefit of an ankle holster is the easy access to reach if someone knocks you down during an attack; you can easily reach out for it in defense.

Bra Holster

Some bras are made with a concealed holster. The holster is built in between or under the breast like an everyday bra. Others come like a sports bra with the holster under the arm. This bra is easily worn like any other bras with the gun in the horizontal direction below without anybody suspecting you.

The thigh Carry Holster

This carry holster is believed to be for women alone. Meanwhile, men can also wear it with loose shorts. Using a thigh holster also conceals your pistol to your body, just like other holsters. It is, however, meant for a small gun like 380 or 9mm. It is mainly used in the absence of waistband trouser pockets.

Belly Band Holster (noon position)

Belly band holster is like a stomach girdle. It is comfortable carrying a smaller concealable gun like 380 or an LCP; then this is perfect. A belly band holster is easy to wear while you are in motion

It is the best ideal for you if you do not have a belt when you are wearing basketball shorts or any sporting activities that do not require cooperate wear.


The appearance matters a lot. It is advisable to put on a moderately decent fabric such as a cardigan, jacket, or casual dress to enhance more concealment, notwithstanding the season, whenever you are with your firearm. However, a suit also works better.