The mission


Hunting is not so black and white. It is one of life's greatest dichotomies. One of the most extravagant contrasts that we have the privilege of experiencing. A successful hunter feels both joy and remorse, pride and pain, fulfillment and emptiness when taking the life of his kill.

If a hunter were to experience one emotion without the other, the purpose of the hunt would be out of balance. In modern media however, the public is only exposed to one side of a hunter's journey - the satisfaction of the kill. Modern Huntsman is out to tell a new story.


It all started with...

Founded by three friends, one of which was an urban, Dallas city boy who had never hunted before (Brad Neathery), one of which was a rural entrepreneur who had grown up with a bow in hand (Elliott Hillock), and one of which was the definition of a modern huntsman, with a passion for conservation and maintaining a tradition of purity in the outdoors (Tyler Sharp). These three had very little in common, but were each convicted by a shared vision - to create a new conversation that could forever change the industry of hunting. 

As many of you may already know, the story of Modern Huntsman began simply as an Instagram channel with a mission to source  images, stories, people and brands that empowered the pure & authentic lifestyle of the modern huntsman. Turned out, there were others that desired to see that type of lifestyle displayed as well. After a little over 18 months of curating stories on social media, we knew we needed to take it to the next level.

Modern Huntsman is on a mission to change the story of the industry of hunting through purveying the industry's essential storytellers, brands, destinations, and resources, displayed in a way that magnifies the beauty of this extraordinary lifestyle.

Modern Huntsman Team Brad Neathery Elliott Hillock Tyler Sharp