Which Shotgun Choke is Best for Hunting Turkeys

Which shotgun choke is most effective for turkey hunting? Many hunters are asking themselves that question these days. The answer, however, is not always clear.

There are numerous distinct shotgun chokes on the market, and each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own. It’s possible that what works best for one hunter won’t be the best option for another.

What Is a Shotgun Choke?

A shotgun choke is a narrowing of the barrel, just behind the muzzle. Chokes are used to control shot dispersion thereby improving the accuracy of your shotgun shot. The two main types of chokes are full and improved cylinders.

Full chokes produce a tighter shot pattern because they restrict the barrel more than improved cylinder chokes. As a result, full chokes are perfect for hunting turkey because they enable more accurate aiming.

As opposed to full chokes, improved cylinder chokes spread the shot more evenly because they are less constrictive. Consequently, there is a lower chance of missing the target, making them more suitable for close-range hunting.

How Does a Shotgun Choke Work?

Chokes come in a variety of forms, but they all function essentially the same way. Furthermore, you can change the degree of you choke’s constriction to alter the shot’s pattern.

Certain chokes are more effective than others when hunting turkey. Constrictive chokes, like the full choke, are the best for hunting turkey. This particular choke results in a shot that is more focused and precise. Considering that you need to be very precise when hunting turkey, you should consider using full chokes.

Why Use a Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkey?

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I even need a shotgun choke in the first place?” Well, that’s because they offer several benefits for hunters trying to hunt turkey.

Shotgun chokes, first and foremost, promote greater accuracy, and you would definitely need all the assistance you can get in terms of accuracy when attempting to kill a turkey.

Additionally, shotgun chokes give you more options for the ammunition you can use. For instance, a shotgun choke can help to lessen the amount of lead that remains in the carcass when using lead shot; this in turn ensures that your kill is not “messy.”

Last but not least, shotgun chokes can aid in extending the range at which you can kill a turkey. A shotgun choke will allow you to kill a turkey at a greater distance than you would be able to with an open-bore weapon. 

Therefore, it is apparent that a shotgun choke is a necessity when hunting turkeys.

The Different Types of Shotgun Chokes

Now that you have gained some knowledge about shotgun chokes, let’s examine the various kinds that are offered.

First, let’s look at the full choke. The full choke is the first variation of the shotgun choke. Due to the tight pattern it produces, this kind of choke is ideal for long range shooting.

The improved cylinder choke is the next shotgun choke variation. This kind of choke offers a slightly less tight pattern, making it ideal for medium range shooting.

The open choke is the final variation of the shotgun choke. This kind of choke offers a very wide pattern, making it ideal for close-range shooting. 

You can make a decision to choose any of the chokes mentioned above!

How to Choose the Right Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkey

How do you pick the best shotgun choke for turkey hunting now that you are aware of the various types? The answer may surprise you – it is dependent on the situation.

A tight choke is a good option if you’re hunting in dense brush. This is because your shot pattern will be kept concentrated by the small opening, thereby increasing your chance of hitting the target.

A wider choke is preferable in open and expansive terrain. A wider opening will result in a wider shot pattern, which will increase your likelihood of hitting the turkey.

Which choke is best for your hunting situation is ultimately up to you. Nevertheless, you may want to first try out various chokes to see which one suits you the best.


Do I need a special choke for turkey hunting?

Not necessary. Although there are shotgun chokes made expressly for hunting turkeys, any choke can be utilized. All you need to do is to identify which one is best suited for your hunting style and terrain.

What is the best shotgun choke for turkey hunting?

The choke that works best with your gun and shooting technique is the finest shotgun choke for turkey hunting. Just as previously discussed, you may experiment with different chokes in different environments and conditions to see which one works best for you.

Can I use a turkey choke for other types of hunting?

A turkey choke can be used for various kinds of hunting, yes.


There are a few things you need to keep in mind while using shotgun chokes. The type of shotgun you’re using is the first factor. The type of shot you’re employing is the second. The third is the firing distance that you will be using. These three factors must be carefully considered before you apply your shotgun choke.

Furthermore, you should select a turkey choke made exclusively for pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns if you’re utilizing one of those models. Additionally, for shooting turkeys, lead shot is still the finest ammunition type. Finally, you should select a choke that is made for long-range shooting if you intend to shoot from a distance.

Now that you know what to look for in a turkey choke, it’s time to get out there and start hunting turkeys!

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